Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

"Mr Hopeless"

Hopelessly Devoted to Entertaining Passengers

It is with great Sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our Friend and Colleague, Pakuru Apu "Mr Hopless" Simpson. Apu will always be celebrated for his one of a kind unique character and will always be in our hearts. Apu, you will be missed by all of your friends and family here and abroad.

Bus rides in new places can be interesting, exciting or even a little bit daunting.


Sitting on a bus allows you time to think, or chill, watching out the window as an unfamiliar landscape passes by.


There’s no need to know the road code, remember which side of the road to drive on, or even remembering when to indicate – that’s all taken care for you by the driver.     Read More...

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